Environmentally Friendly

Natural Greaseproof

CupcakeCreations™ papers are made only from natural raw materials. We add no chemicals or any other foreign substances. That is why our paper is perfectly suited for use with food products. We also take responsibility for the environment in many different ways.

Our Paper & Our World

CupcakeCreations™ papers are produced from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests and come from spruce – a natural and renewable raw material. The unique barrier properties of our paper are achieved by mechanical preparation of the pulp. No chemical additives are used, only natural raw materials in combination with an extensive knowledge of papermaking.

Energy Efficiency

CupcakeCreations™ is committed to the environment and sustainability. Our products are manufactured on low/no-emission production lines. Our inventory management and storage is optimized to reduce space requirements and associated carbon footprint. Our multitude of shipping vendors compete to earn our business based not just on price and reliability, but on their efficiency and environmental awareness. And our Operations and Administration philosophy is to blend the power of the individual’s innate desire to do right by the environment, with corporate policies and programs that make it easy for them to do so.

Creativity and Design

Cupcakes stand out, among other single serving desserts, for their infinite flavor combinations and design possibilities. Because CreateCupcakes™ liners are greaseproof, the wrapper will stay beautiful and cute even after baking. All it will need is your creativity, aesthetic design, and personalization to make your baking gorgeous.
Cupcakes are a great inspiration for your party's decorations. CreateCupcakes™ offers a variety of themes and colors to make your party stand out

Create Cupcakes ™ offers greaseproof colored liners, to bring fun and creativity to baking. Jumbo and mini wrappers available
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